Yilu Proxy – 911s5 alternative

YiLu proxy is totally a marvelous product to substitute 911s5 proxy. Specifically, first of all, YiLu Proxy started its service two years ago, with plenty of residential proxies spreading from 200+ countries. Similar to 911s5, YiLu proxy is a proxy product with a client program in both Chinese and English language, with pure and high-speed residential IP pools. Besides, we can say it outperforms the 911s5’s Residential Proxy Service to some extent, for instance, it is compatible with mainly popular fingerprint browsers, API, and third-party software robots, and it supports port forwarding and server forwarding, let alone supporting country, and city targeting for IP GEO location. In addition, Yilu Proxy performs well on all Windows versions, and mobile device OS via the help of the mobile application. It is worth mentioning that you can use it off client. Plus, it has supplemented proxy speedup by the server, which is suitable for Chinese, and Pakistan users who are restricted by firewalls when browsing online. In summary, YiLu proxy fully deserves the perfect 911 S5 proxy alternative.
YiLu Proxy VS YiLu Proxy
yilu proxy 911 proxy
IP Type Residential/Database IP Residential IP
Proxy Agreement Socks5/HTTP Socks5
IP Number 90M+ IPs Not specified
Country Coverage 200+ Countries 190+ Countries
IP Rotation Sticky session No
Targeting country/city country/city
System Compatibility Windows/Android/IOS/MacOS Windows
Client Language EN/CN Client EN Client
Payment Methods Alipay/Crypto Currency Crypto Currency
IP Forwarding Ports Forwarding/Server Forwarding Ports Forwarding
Speedup Method Server Client

Why does YiLu Proxy deserve the title of ‘best 911s5 alternative’?

In the past, a large number of users may consider about 911s5 proxy when they need to use global residential proxy IPs with high anonymity. Without a doubt, at present many proxy sites in the industry supply this type of proxy IP, yet not all proxy providers can offer pure and large numbers of residential IP addresses like Yilu. With a software client to sustain your usage habit unchanged, YiLu Proxy supplies you with over 90 million residential proxy IP addresses covering different countries and regions throughout the globe for your excellent user experience. And our team is devoted to frequently picking out IP addresses with poor performance and adding to fresh and pure proxy IPs.
(1) Similar to the 911s5 proxy, Yilu proxy provides country and city targeting for precise IP Geo-location to securely browse online.
(2) Yilu Proxy holds 90M+ socks5 residential proxies superior to 911s5 proxy.
(3) With the help of the iOS app – ShadowRocket and the Android app – v2rayNG, mobile phones can be also used with Yilu proxy.
(4) Yilu proxy can be used when off client, easy to use.
(5) Yilu Proxy supports port forwarding as well as server forwarding.
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