Amazon Proxy Use Cases?

Optimal Product Price

Optimal Product Price

Setting the optimal product price is always an essential thing of marketing strategy. All Amazon sellers want to set a suitable price to get as many sales as possible with no concessions on profits. So how can you realize the max revenue while a great number of companies sell the same product with you? Experienced businesses have the idea that scraping Amazon product listings is a crucial part of this course. As we mentioned above, scraping data with the same IP is at risk of being detected and banned. That’s where an Amazon proxy comes in. On the one hand, the residential IP will rotate each request, making you free from single IP activities. On the other hand, it helps you aggregate real-time market information to follow the latest trend.

Create Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

It is adventurous for sellers to manage multiple Amazon seller accounts with the same IP. Once detected, all accounts can be completely damaged together due to association. Amazon proxy is a good solution to bypass such restrictions. Yiluproxy has more than 90 million residential IPs, which means you can create Amazon accounts as many as you need. The operation environment is isolated from each other, so the accounts are separate and independent. This means the other accounts are still available even if one of them is closed. Then you can broaden your market through dozens of seller accounts without any worries.
Create Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts Create Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts
Work with Robots

Work with Robots.

Reselling at a profit is always a kind of business, including limited clothes or sneakers, Maotai, etc. Because of the limited number and increasing need, the price has also risen. The chance of business appears. People prefer to leverage robots to earn money by purchasing and reselling prevalent and valuable items. But websites like Amazon will spare no effort to stop such automatic activities. You should know that, once Amazon detects you using robots, your IP address and account will be added to the blacklist. However, an Amazon proxy can help you purchase your desired items. Yiluproxy residential Proxies allows you to rotate IP addresses, making you an authentic user surfing the internet.
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