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What are seasonal products?

Usually, sellers are selling non-seasonal products on Amazon because they can maintain stable sales for a long time. However, seasonal products can bring in profits more quickly and easily, especially during hot holidays such as Christmas, Golden Days, and American Independence Day.
Seasonal products are products that are in demand by consumers during the current season and are quite profitable. Examples include gardening tools in the spring, camping gear in the summer, back-to-school season supplies in the fall, and snow shovels in the winter.
In addition to being related to the four seasons, seasonal products also refer to products sold to a specific target audience at a specific time of the year. Examples include clothing, decorations, and gifts for various holidays, events, and the start of the school graduation season.

What is the risk of selling seasonal products on Amazon?

Seasonal fashions are known to be unpredictable and the inevitable decline is hard to predict. If you stay away from fashion trends, it is even harder to predict how much seasonal merchandise to stock and when to replenish your inventory.
Some items take longer to sell, such as winter coats, gloves, swimwear, water sports toys, outdoor sports equipment, etc. . This means that they also tend to be lower risk, but sales may not be as high because these products are more widely available.
The level of risk for seasonal products is also related to where you are selling. For example, there may be a huge market for items such as ice skates or field hockey sticks in Canada or Scandinavia. But you also have to take into account the level of local competition, rising costs of participation, seasonal weather, and other factors.
If you're looking at seasonal items where the weather turns warm, your selling point is also a factor to consider. Inflatable water toys are a very low-risk commodity in warm climates and a super-hot commodity in cold climates, but the latter you can exploit for a much shorter period of time.

How to boost seasonal sales on Amazon?

1. Accurate planning of marketing strength in off-season and peak season

In the process of selling seasonal goods, the best way to expand the strong peak season and eliminate the impact of the off-season is to accurately plan the marketing strength of the off-season and peak season. Balance the relationship between the product in the off-season and peak season, especially to determine the relationship between order quantity, sales volume, and pricing, then you can reduce the risk of decision-making and maximize profitability. Of course, special marketing strategies, such as anti-seasonal sales, can be used to mitigate the impact of the off-season.
In fact, seasonal products are divided into two types according to sales.
A.Single-peak type: This seasonal product reaches its sales peak only once in a sales cycle.
a.The price of the product boosts during the peak sales period and decreases during the low sales period, e.g. clothing.
b.The price of the product falls at the peak of sales and rises at the trough of sales, e.g. vegetables, fruits, and vegetables.
c.No change in the price of the product at the peak of sales and at the trough of sales, such as ice cream and cold drinks.
B.Twin-peak type
This seasonal product reaches its sales peak twice in a sales cycle. For example, air conditioners, in winter and summer are sales peaks throughout the year.

2. Do not uniformly set low prices for products

Some Amazon sellers will choose to reduce the price of the product in order to boost sales, but it can’t be frequent. Because it will be less attractive for the consumer as well as profit loss. And do not reduce the prices of all products, you can properly select a few products to boost prices. When setting prices, sellers should do market research in advance. If you need a data scraping tool, combine the crawler with YiluProxy to collect data fast and securely.

3. Promotional advertising in advance

Take summer clothing as an example, when the products arrive in April and the keyword search volume starts to rise, we can start to do promotional advertising. The main purpose of promotional advertising at this time is to push up the ranking of keywords. At the same time, we also have to do Amazon product reviews, because it will take a longer period of time for the product to receive reviews on Amazon. The more reviews a product has, the more likely it is to capture traffic for seasonal sales. If you require several buyer accounts to make reviews for your target products, you will be satisfied with YiluProxy because it is reliable and cost-effective to avoid IP bans by platform.

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