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What is a mobile proxy?
Proxies are an integral part of the way the network plays a role today because they provide users with anonymity and protect their privacy while browsing the Internet by hiding their real IP address. 4G mobile proxy is a special type of proxy that uses mobile IP addresses exclusively to establish connections.
How does it work?
A 4G mobile proxy is a portable device that accesses the internet over a cellular network (mobile data). It works by having the user connect to that device and use its IP address instead of the user's own. In short, you are borrowing another device's IP address to surf the web. This kind of proxy service has a wide range of applications for protecting personal privacy and breaking through network restrictions. If you're curious about where that IP address comes from, you will know that every device connected to a cellular network gets a unique IP address assigned by a network carrier such as T-Mobile or AT&T. This means that even if you share the same mobile proxy device with other people, everyone still possesses a totally different IP address. Once your mobile proxy connects to the internet, it gets a new IP address to guarantee your online privacy and security. In the network, each mobile device is assigned an IP address, which is granted by the network operator, but you should know it is not permanent. This is because in mobile networks IP addresses are assigned dynamically, that is, they change from time to time, this is also known as IP address rotation. Whenever a device reconnects to the network, it is assigned a new IP address by the network operator, and the previously used IP address is reassigned to another mobile device.
Use cases
1. Web scraping and automation.
Mobile proxies are a favored tool for web scraping and automation due to their resistance to restrictions. Web scraping involves automatically obtaining a large volume of publicly accessible web data. For example, in market research, mobile proxies can be utilized to obtain all pricing information from competitor websites. As some competitors may display different prices depending on a visitor's location or device type, mobile proxies enable seamless access to all relevant data. Additionally, mobile proxies are extensively used in web automation tools, such as for automating tasks on websites that require captcha verification. Without a mobile proxy, verification codes would need to be entered after completing prior steps, resulting in difficulty in automating the process.
2. Ads verification.
Ad verification using a mobile proxy is a good option if you need to advertise online and want to ensure that your target audience is receiving the ad. Using a mobile proxy to hide your real identity and simulate customers in different geographic locations can better see how your ad will appear to different groups of potential customers. Because mobile proxies simulate real mobile devices for a more realistic browsing experience, this approach can help you optimize your advertising strategy and determine whether your ads are accurately targeting your intended audience.
3. Access geo-restricted content.
Mobile proxies have a variety of uses beyond ad verification, one of which is accessing geo-restricted content. Some streaming platforms, like Netflix, might restrict access to specific movies or TV shows in certain regions or countries. However, by utilizing a mobile proxy located in the area, you can bypass these restrictions and gain access to the content. Additionally, mobile proxies can provide anonymity to your online identity, which is crucial for protecting your privacy and security. This is particularly beneficial for those who prefer not to leave a digital footprint or those who want to avoid being tracked. In summary, mobile proxies serve as a versatile tool for a range of online activities.
Advantages of mobile proxies.
A. Superior quality.
4G mobile proxies are considered to be of superior quality as they employ the IP addresses of real as well as legitimate devices, rendering them nearly indistinguishable from genuine users. This makes them more dependable and less susceptible to detection than alternative proxies. By opting for 4G mobile proxies, you can access high-quality proxy services without experiencing delays or sluggish speeds. Furthermore, as they utilize actual device IP addresses, they are particularly well-suited for activities that necessitate heightened security and anonymity.
B. Invalid blocks.
Mobile proxies can masquerade as real users, making them difficult to block. Also, the IP addresses of mobile proxies change frequently because they are shared with other devices in the mobile network. Therefore, attempting to block access to mobile proxies by blocking IP addresses may result in false harm to other users. Even if a webmaster does this, the IP address of the mobile proxy changes regularly, so the effect of this blocking measure won't last long.
Disadvantages of mobile proxies.
A. Rotating IPs.
The dynamic IP provided by the mobile proxy is a kind of unfixed IP address, which means it cannot be maintained for validity for a long time. If you need a stable static IP address, it is recommended to use a residential or data center proxy service. This is not a disadvantage, but some proxy buyers may be affected. Consider your needs and budget to choose the best proxy plan for you.
B. High price.
In general, mobile proxies are pricier than other proxy types due to their ability to offer superior service quality. This is because mobile proxies can facilitate faster speeds and lower latency connections, which are crucial for specific applications. Consequently, resellers tend to impose higher charges. Nevertheless, you can leverage Yilu proxy's trial period to obtain the highest quality mobile proxy at a reasonable price. This way, you can test the service's capabilities and ensure that it satisfies your requirements without incurring significant expenses.
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