In general, an emerging and exceptionally well-developed platform comes with a lot of money-making opportunities. So today I'll take a look at what successful ways to make money through TikTok are currently available to you.

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1. Earn money through self-produced content.

The general idea is to keep creating content and then increase its popularity. If you aim for a worldwide audience, you need to learn about users’ preferences and habits from different countries. In this case, you can create and log in to your account with IP from targeted regions. I recommend you use residential IPs of YiluProxy to operate TikTok accounts. YiLu proxy covers more than 200+ countries and regions, and the IP pool is stable, with a free trial period for newcomers.
A. Cultivate TikTok fans to get rewards.
B. Accumulate followers and then sell the TikTok account for profit.
C. Earn advertising money through high airtime.
D. Cultivate followers in a certain field, and then earn commissions by selling goods on TikTok. Not only does it contain physical products, but actually it also contains some virtual products, for example, advertising a certain song or a certain game to be hot.
In fact, you can also carry out cross-promotion on different platforms. If you have a lot of fans on Facebook, Instagram, or Reddit, you can transfer these fans to TikTok. Gaining followers on TikTok has become an easy task.

2. Make money from the content you don't create yourself. We don't create content ourselves, but we can also make money.
A. Compile some of the most popular content from TikTok and post it to other platforms, such as YouTube.
It would be better if the targeted videos are funny or challenging. And you need to compile them into a relatively long video. However, it is not a simple task. First of all, the copyright issue is very troublesome. If we want to compile something, we need to replace or eliminate these areas that are involved in copyright, such as the music. In fact, when this is done, it will have a big impact on the overall effect of the final film. Just like so many particularly great videos in TikTok, they all need the addition of background music. In addition, in terms of cultural differences, we don't know enough about the local culture. A video on Tiktok has nearly 1 million views, which is very profitable. While it's very likely that it won't have any traffic when we make a new video. If we make a video similar to a popular movie, as far as I am concerned, it won't work particularly well since most of the traffic has already been taken up by that hot one.
B. Provide consulting and management services to TikTok video creators, which is a task that relies mainly on your knowledge base.
For some promising creators, if you have the knowledge and experience in this respect, you are able to provide this kind of service to earn commissions. For example, you can provide them with some management services, or provide some methods to create high-traffic video content, and so on. But probably most of us ordinary people do not have this skill.
C. Sell export products through the traffic of Internet celebrities on TikTok.
For sellers of cross-border e-commerce who have products, the easiest and most effective way for profit is to sell export products through high-traffic and high-growth platforms. At present, TikTok also has an official cooperation channel, so we can find suitable Internet celebrities to create high-quality content and place ads to buy their traffic. By doing this, considerable leads will be generated to purchase products.
D. Earn commissions as an intermediary on TikTok.
Act as a service intermediary for the creators of videos and the brand that has the product, to achieve the purpose of cooperation between the two parties, so as to obtain commissions. Aside from this, we can also add some professional sales on TikTok to sell products at a higher price, and then place an order from the supplier to obtain the middle price difference. If you use this method, you can hardly invest any principal.
This is the analysis of how to make money with TikTok today. The most feasible ways are to sell export products through online celebrities and earn the price difference as a service intermediary for creators and brands. If you still have questions, feel free to leave me a comment.

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