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Firstly, Craigslist set Geo-restrictions for users, meaning that you have no access to visit and check out listings outside of your location. Craigslist’s official website will automatically lead you to your local Craigslist version. In other words, you won’t be allowed to release or check out anything on the Washington board if you live in Australia. Moreover, some workplaces, schools, or countries also set a threshold for people to access social networks, Craigslist is on the prohibited list. Simply connect Yiluproxy server, and we will help you appear to be a local user when surfing the internet. You will have no trouble accessing listings outside of your location since it can change your IP address. Yiluproxy has an IP pool with 90 million residential IPs for you to choose from, which is reliable and secure.
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Post Multiple Ads

In addition, Craigslist also does not let users create multiple accounts. This is embarrassing for sellers who intend to show their ads to multiple views in diverse regions. Craigslist will get your account banned if you create dozens of accounts to post identical or similar ads. This issue can be easily solved-Use a separate Craigslist proxy for each new account, then you are able to post multiple ads in different categories without a ban. Since the proxies are not linked, your operating environment is independent. The platform won’t find you posting ads with multiple accounts.

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