Ebay Proxy Use Cases?

Ebay Proxy Use Cases

Gain anonymity

First and foremost, you are able to gain anonymity and security on eBay. My brother focuses on selling books on eBay, especially limited editions. And he is experienced in how to keep an eye on prices and shoppers who are likely to make a deal. As he said, however, he is concerned about the invasion of his personal information as the website is used by millions, especially bank card and address. With eBay proxies, such worry will disappear since an eBay proxy masks your actual IP address. So you can do business online under the radar.

Circumvent Geo-Restrictions

In some workplaces or countries, you can’t sign up or log in to eBay. Some schools and offices wish you to concentrate on what you should do, and some nations block it due to political factors. But if you still need to access eBay to relax during breaks, an eBay proxy is a great relief. Yiluproxy will help you circumvent such blocks. Even if you are located in restricted regions, you have access to eBay through another real user device.
Circumvent Geo-Restrictions Circumvent Geo-Restrictions
Scrape eBay Data

Scrape eBay Data

Pricing for your product listings is such a skillful task. Because you have to guarantee both the sales volume and the profit. Data from market research and consumer analysis deserves to be mined. The majority of websites establish strict restrictions towards any attempt at data scraping, eBay is no exception. With the help of an eBay proxy, you will succeed in scraping eBay since you can initiate thousands of requests through different IP addresses so that your IP address won’t be banned. More importantly, you don’t need to shift the IP manually due to the rotation technology of Yiluproxy. Aside from this, it can easily integrate with any web scraping tools on the market.

eBay Viewer Bots

Many sellers prefer to boost listing views with eBay viewer bots. However, eBay prohibits the usage of viewer bots and suspends your account. Take it easy. You can use an eBay proxy to work with viewer bots. By doing this, each view looks like a specific user from a different device.
Create Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts Create Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts
Create eBay Seller Accounts in Bulk

Create eBay Seller Accounts in Bulk

Have you ever experienced losing your eBay seller accounts overnight? It is absolutely an annoying thing because you have also lost your loyal customers and positive remarks, which are accumulated over a long time. Therefore, it is essential to create and manage multiple seller accounts. The eBay proxy helps you create separate seller accounts. That’s to say, in case one of your eBay seller accounts gets banned, you can continue carrying out business on eBay. The accounts aren’t affected by each other. If one of your stores received a large number of malicious comments, you can flexibly shift your focus to another seller account.
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