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1.Unblock Facebook

If you are frustrated by the restrictions to access Facebook, either political factors or other reasons, a Facebook proxy will help you out of trouble. YiluProxy has an IP pool with 90 million global residential IP addresses, which enables you to pick any IP you require to unblock Facebook and log in to do anything. Your online friends are waiting for your posts and replies. With a Facebook proxy, you are able to receive friend requests, update your profile, and reply to your private messages no matter where you are. Right, it is also available even if you are on a holiday in another country.

2. Scrape Facebook Data

Facebook has a huge database for businesses to advertise, do market research, and analyze competitors. If you are using Facebook to thrive your business, never give it up. Many people employ a scraping crawler to scrape desired data, it is not a perfect option since data scraping on large scale is prohibited by Facebook. Protecting the platform data is its essential responsibility, right? With a Facebook proxy and a crawler, you can collect and aggregate large amounts of data and information to optimize your marketing strategy and get insights into the latest changes in related industries. Due to rotating residential proxies, your Facebook accounts will keep away from getting a ban. Just stay in mind that don’t disobey the terms and conditions set by Facebook at will.
Scrape Facebook Data Scrape Facebook Data
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3.Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts.

Multiple Facebook accounts for ads marketing are a big deal since corporations utilize Facebook with other social media platforms to promote products or services. Then it turns out to be a troublesome task to deal with posts on all accounts at the same time. In this case, the majority of corporations take advantage of Facebook bots for automation. The bad news is that Facebook doesn’t stand by bots and it has strong anti-bot detectors to avoid such situations. If you want to avoid getting a bot ban, it is the best way to conceal your online traffic and act like a regular internet user. This is achievable with a Facebook proxy. When you connect your device to a Facebook proxy, you’re concealing your device from the internet behind the proxy. This means Facebook won’t be able to track your bot, instead, they’ll track the proxy. With Yilu Facebook proxy, you can target any location around the world for each Facebook account and run them in different environments. Even if one of your Facebook accounts gets banned, take it easy, others are still available because of different IPs.
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