AntBrowser is an antidetect browser that can help you multi-login accounts. You can create multiple browser profiles in AntBrowser, and each profile like a unique computer, at the same time, YiLuProxy can offer dynamic residential IP addresses from different locations, so you can manage multiple accounts of the same platform without being associated and banned. Next, the article will tell you how to integrate YiLuProxy and AntBrowser.

Part One. YiLuProxy Settings

1. Proxy Setting

A. Proxy port: random or custom, such as 1080;
B. Port forward: set the port range according to your needs, such as 5500-5510;
C. Bind address:;
D. Proxy engine settings: Other Proxy Tools;
E. Proxy rules: select the second and fourth rules;
Then click “Save”.

Antibrowser yiluproxy settings

2. Local port forward: Right-click an IP and click “Connect” or directly double-click an IP.

yiluproxy Local port forwarding
yiluproxy Local port forwarding

3. Multi-port forward: For YiLuProxy static IP and dynamic IP, right-click an IP and select a forward port.

yiluproxy multi ports forwarding
yiluproxy multi ports forwarding
residential ip multi ports forwarding
residential ip multi ports forwarding

Part Two AntBrowser Configurations
Register and download AntBrowser on its official website:

1. Run AntBrowser
Enter AntBrowser website, and click “Personal Area”.

enter antbrowser and personal area
enter antbrowser and personal area

2. Create a new profile
Click “New Profile”.

create new profile
create new profile

Then enter a profile name, and set proxy.
Select “Specify manually
Port: such as 1080, 5500, 5501, set in YiLuProxy.
Then click “Add”.

Proxy setting in antbrowser
Proxy setting in antbrowser

You can also set other browser fingerprints in “Additionally”, such as user-agent, screen resolution, geo-location, fonts and so on.

fingerprints setting in antbrowser

3. Run a browser profile

Then select a browser profile to run.

antbrowser run profile

You can check IP address on the browser by enter “”.
The IP is that one forward to port 5500 in YiLuProxy.

antibrowser check ip

Then you can enter into other websites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, Reddit to create and log in to multiple accounts.

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