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Today we will learn how to register an Amazon seller account and the common issues during the registration process. Because the US site is the most popular site, Let's talk about the US site as an example today. The sellers in are divided into two types: individuals and companies. From the perspective of future development and platform support, it is currently not suitable for individual sellers operation in amazon now. So here I will only introduce you how to register as a company seller.

Part one The Documents Before Registration.

1. A credit card that can pay in US dollars, such as Visa or MasterCard. So what is this card used for? It can be used to deduct Amazon's monthly rent, logistics and storage costs, advertising costs, etc. Amazon does not emphasize that it is necessary to apply for this credit card under the name of the corporate representative, but try not to make frequent changes after uploading. or it is possible to trigger the second review.

2. A computer and an IP address which have not been registered as amazon seller before for Amazon strictly prohibits one person from registering multiple seller accounts. If the association is found, your account will be banned. So remember that you have to prepare a clean computer and IP before registration, and you can't be careless and keep computer and ip without association in the later operation process. In the suspended Amazon seller accounts, the association is the most reason, and the appeal bypass rate is the lowest, so everyone have to be careful. Some friends maybe think that it would be wasteful to buy a separate computer with a separated network cable. In this case, YiluProxy can help you solve this issue very well. Just choose a residential IP in YiluProxy client. According to the country of your store, for example, united states. Now just use an us residential IP in YiLuProxy. It means use a new computer with USA IP to run your store in Amazon. However, this account must be used this IP address with a stable browser profile, which can not be changed frequently.

3. An ID Card. The ID card name have to be consistent with the corporate representative in the business license. In addition, for a scan is required, the scanned picture need to be complete, clear and readable.

4. A Business License. The license that Chinese sellers need to provide have to be from mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. which need to be scanned that the pictures have to be complete, clear and readable, like the above ID Card. In addition, there is a limit of expired date of the business license, it is 60 days for the mainland seller and 45 days for Hong Kong seller. Even-more, if the company has abnormal operations and other bad conditions, it may affect your Amazon seller account status, so ensure the safety and normal operation of your company.

5. An USD Receipt Bank Account. Currently available payment methods in the market is Payoneer, WorldFirst cards, and PingPong, etc. They are slightly different in function and cost, but Everyone can choose the suitable one that needed. After we understand the information and documents that needs to be prepared, let's talk about how to register.

There are generally 2 registration methods, one is self-registration, and the other is registration through the channel manager of registering global stores. Among them, the global store opening channel must be a company. For self-registration, a company or an individual are available. First of all, let's clarify the differences and advantages and disadvantages of the two methods. The account security of this channel manager registration is higher, for its closure rate is less than 9%, under the amazon official data showed. More, some necessary guides or support, although is slowly, will offered from the channel manager, during the registration process. Even-more, you can also apply for some spikes as well as some basic official training through the channel manager in the later stage of operation. Compared with former methods, the security of self-registration is much lower. According to official data, the store closure rate is more than 56%, without any support, application for some flash sales activities, and training.

In general, if you want to use Amazon as a long-term business, it is recommended to register for regular operations through global store opening channels.

Part Two FAQ in the registration Process:

1. When will the platform start charging monthly rental fees after successful registration? Does it have anything to do with whether the product is on the inventory? If the operation has not officially started, can monthly rental fees be refunded during this period?
Answer: A. If you register successfully, regardless of whether the product is on the inventory, Amazon will immediately deduct the monthly rental fee. The US is $39.99, and the cost of other sites is similar. B. Generally, it will be successful after you open a case to apply for a refund of the monthly rent if there is no operation in a short period.

2. Can a company that register with a residential address be used to register with Amazon store? This is allowed, Amazon only requires you to have a real business license, and does not care about where your company address is.

3. After the account registration is successful, do I need to immediately register a brand in the country where the store located? Or when is better? Is there any subsidy?
If you are clear about your store's products and follow the top brand product route, you can register a trademark immediately.
If you don't have a clear scale for the current product, but just randomly select a good product for testing, then you can register it after operating store to a certain level. At present, Amazon does not require sellers to complete brand registration when store operation. However, Amazon has been promoting brand sellers, and brand registration has a protective effect on sellers. If money is enough, completing the brand registration earlier will indeed help the subsequent operations. Of course, if you keep a good brand trademark, you can also resell it at a higher price later.

4. When the product needs to be registered as a patent, and what are the benefits?
Answer: A. It depends on the conditions of the product. If the products sell well and store is profitable, you can register a patent when you want to upgrade the competition threshold. If your products are produced by your own factory, you can directly register the patent when producing the product.

B. The benefits of registering a patent: The first is to prevent competitors from viciously competing with the product. The second is that if you have applied for an appearance patent, when you find that someone else is selling it on Amazon like yours, you can launch an infringement complaint in Amazon, so that the Amazon will remove the infringing product from the storefront. If it is very serious, Amazon will close the store of the infringing merchant.

5. Do I need to prepare to avoid the second review in advance?
In fact, there is no way to completely avoid the second review. When changing the credit card information, company information, or there is a problem with the documents information during the registration process, account association issue, or a complaint, all it is possible to trigger the second review. However, if you have successfully registered and it is not triggered after a period of operation, you don't have to worry about it at all. Even if it is triggered, you only need to provide relevant proofs as required, such as the company's utility bills, legal person information, or brand certificate.

6. Whether my 2 stores will be linked if they open separate accounts use the same address? If the address is the same, it will definitely lead to an association and account banned.

7. Can I change the name of the store after operating store in a period?
It can be changed without any impact. and please confirm the store name or brand in advance. Or, you will have to change the brand keywords in the product listing at the same time, not just brand name, that will effect the keywords rank of the listing on amazon search page for several days.

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