Today I'm going to tell you about a successful marketing case with Facebook. LOZ is a toy company that produces and sells small building blocks. My team and I have operated its Facebook account for a year and made the number of regular fans increase to more than 20,000, which has successfully opened up global markets through Facebook. More specifically, user views raised up 37%, homepage likes increased by 956%, and engagement improved by 25% as well. Its Facebook account has attracted small block enthusiasts from all over the world and brought in a steady stream of inquiries and sales. LOZ has accumulated a certain number of customers with purchasing power through Facebook, and continuous promotion can attract more faithful followers.

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So how did LOZ achieve it?

My team and I have made bold attempts and innovations in Facebook promotion based on the characteristics of the brand and products.

The first essential is the emotional resonance triggered by advertising creativity. Product features need to be displayed through creativity because static products are used to assemble and display. So starting from the characters displayed in the product, we use pictures and texts to compose interesting information and let people in two-dimensional and three-dimensional communicate. So Facebook users who read the posts can get fun and empathy from it and fall in love with the toy through the character attached to it. If you are careful enough, you will find that this brand's advertising texts or videos will make different creative ideas according to the different habits and preferences of each country, which is a manifestation of its detailedness. Actually, this is not as difficult as you imagine. We can place specific advertisements by publishing diversified ads or videos targeted to different countries with IPs of various countries from YiluProxy. As an experienced proxy provider, YiluProxy supplies various types of proxies for us to choose from. Moreover, YiLuProxy offers free IP traffic to everyone every day, which is also a favorable condition for cost control.

In addition, LOZ often uses the celebrity effect to attract people's attention with celebrity entertainment events that are related to the product itself. Of course, LOZ also does not miss any holidays to promote product-related ideas and send heating wishes. Keeping up with the current hot topics, LOZ combines text, pictures, and videos, along with the originality of SEO, to show a variety of creativity. The form of Facebook promotion varies a lot, but creativity is the root of it. Although the creative ideas are all kinds of unusual things and have no fixed style, this is where its charm lies. So what we need to do is constantly break through our limitations and boldly try to innovate.

The next point is to make the video perfect as much as possible. LOZ's products belong to the toy assembly category, which are pieces of parts that need to be assembled to see the whole picture. The process of assembling products is the fun part of these products, and also the core of product sales. LOZ produces a wide variety of videos, including product assembly ideas, commercials, company presentations, company culture, and more. The product assembly video is particularly exquisite and rich among these videos. LOZ has spent a lot of time and effort in video production and editing to make the video displayed interesting and promotional, giving people visual and auditory enjoyment. It also promoted product characteristics and brand concepts at the same time.

Last but not least, we are constantly innovating our products and seeking customer acceptance. LOZ conveys the idea of seeking more inspiration through Facebook and more innovation and improvement from the customer's point of view. Although there is a fixed version of block assembly, LOZ never stops challenging itself and often displays several creative assemblies on Facebook. The creative assembling will attract more interest from assembling enthusiasts who will express opinions or make some suggestions in time. By doing this, assembling enthusiasts will have the intention to become part of product innovation. And the intentional customers form a sense of identification with the brand, which will raise the conversion rate of customers.

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