Today I want to share with you the essential ideas when creating Amazon ads. You need to know first what are the 2types of Amazon ad campaigns that we must go ahead and create.

1. To collect supplementary advertising campaigns.

Millions of customers search for products on Amazon every day. The search terms they enter are diversified from each other, so the consumer's search term database collected by Amazon is also constantly being supplemented. You are not supposed to just focus on a few existing words and ignore adding new search terms to your campaign since you will miss out on some of the traffic you should have gotten.
In addition to this, as Amazon is continuing to add new search terms, the match of your original target keyword is likely to be diluted, resulting in a decline in the effectiveness of your Amazon ads. So we must constantly add some new search terms related to our products and put them into our advertising campaign. Automated advertising is also a very effective way to help us collect new search terms for our products on Amazon so as to supplement search terms. Therefore, it is very important for everyone to supplement new search terms for an advertising campaign, and especially don't turn off automatic ads easily.

2. To manually and precisely match keywords for Amazon ad campaigns.

After the expansion of the previously mentioned methods to get some new search terms, we eventually have to apply them to our actual operation work. The associated keywords in each region are also different since people's habits are different, in this case, we can use self-cultivated buyer accounts from various countries to search for keywords. Our team cultivates long-term buyer accounts using static IPs of YiLuProxy, whose IP pools have IP segments from more than 200 countries and regions. If you do not understand something, you can go to YiLuProxy official website to contact one-on-one customer service for answers, which can be very good to help you get started as soon as possible. By doing this, you will be able to hold on to these precise matching keywords and continuously bring in accurate traffic to your listing. So we had better manually match these words to the Amazon ad campaign with enough budget. With more orders, the strength of the exact-matched keywords will be increased.
Next, we will share with you the second part of the Amazon ad - about the keywords with no click-through rate. Many friends have told me that after running the campaign for a period of time, they downloaded the ad report and found that some manual and precise keywords did not get a single click.

But what is certain is that these keywords are highly relevant to this product. Let’s explore the possible reasons involved.
First of all, check how many keywords you have placed in the Amazon ad group where such a keyword is located. Because I have seen many people put nearly 100 words into an Amazon ad campaign. The click and conversion may only take place in the first 20 words among the 100 words. This does not mean that the rest 80 words are completely useless because they are also used through investigation and research. However, if you put too many words in the Amazon ad group, it will be very likely that Amazon only assigns traffic and clicks to the first 20 words, resulting in no conversions for the next 80 words. In this case, you can try to take out these words with no clicks and put every 20 words into an Amazon ad group to see if they can produce better results.
If the results are still not good after completing the above steps, you need to check if your listing is in the most accurate category. If it is not precise enough, Amazon will not be able to classify you into the most accurate categories, then it will not be able to push you to the appropriate audience. Secondly, if your keywords have not been buried in the list and have not been indexed by Amazon, the effect of advertising will certainly not be satisfactory.

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