Overview of shared proxies
Similar to any other anonymous proxies: shared proxies replace your IP address, safeguard your private information and conceal your physical position. What makes a shared proxy unique is that the proxy network technology permits a number of users to use the same IP address at the same time.

shared proxy
shared proxy

Dedicated VS. Shared proxies
It is difficult to draw a conclusion about which one is better between dedicated proxies and shared proxies. However, you spend more money on dedicated proxies and, each time a proxy fails, you need the network to distribute a new IP address to you. Plus, you get relatively fewer proxies while paying substantial prices. On the other hand, you can enjoy a more dedicated service and a more speedy network since you don’t need to share bandwidth with anyone else.
In terms of shared proxies, they definitely cost less than dedicated ones. Also, they are more convenient when you require a large number of IP addresses. Finally, you have no trouble changing a new IP address when it comes to dead proxies. However, you need to use them with patience because several people may be using them at the same time, which means it is common to come across connection delays or other issues.

Introduction of Yilu shared proxies
1. High quality.
Because we only allow a small handful of users to share a proxy on YiluProxy at any time, your connection rate won’t be influenced. We are clear about how much you pay attention to the speed and quality of a proxy, so we exclusively allocate previously tested IP addresses to our customers. You can experience the most premium quality in the industry while not paying an additional price.
2. Advanced network technology.
Our shared proxy network embraces the most advanced proxy pool technology. Specifically, it allows you to simultaneously connect every proxy in the pool, which implies that you have the ability to employ millions of IP addresses. You also enjoy free excellent proxy rotation as well, which will assign you a new IP address each time you send a connection request.
3. Two IP types.
There are two IP pools in our network - datacenter proxy and residential proxy. The former one has outstanding speed as well as a lower cost, while the latter one empowers you with some advanced flexibility. The majority of setup features work for both pools, so you can set out usage with datacenter proxies and then upgrade your pricing plan for residential IPs.
4. Sticky IP sessions.
It is common knowledge for YiluProxy users to know about the feature of sticky IP sessions. It allows you to connect to the same IP address for a longer time period, ranging from several minutes to a few hours. This significantly benefits people who want to carry out multiple actions from the same IP constantly. Therefore, suppose you have a demand for visiting e-commerce sites and other precise data sources, sticky IPs are crucial for you.
Shared residential proxies are increasingly turning into the first option for a great number of businesses that attach importance to flexible, powerful, and concise proxy solutions. Our proxy network works well with data scraping, price monitoring, SEO, diverse bots, and automation software.

Advantages of YiluProxy
1. Cost-effective shared proxies.
We are the rare shared proxy provider that allows you to use the entire proxy pool regardless of your pricing plan. Over 90 million residential proxies are available at present, and that figure is increasing. We also offer a special trial for the time being, which costs only $19.9. Don’t miss out on the hard-to-get opportunity if you would like to save money on proxies!
2. Shared private proxies.
Different from free proxies in the market, our proxies are not public to everyone. Our IP addresses are exclusively available to customers who finish paying. Shared private proxies make you save money and apply more IP addresses. It is possible that a couple of users might sometimes connect to the same proxy. However, we allow you to use all IPs at a less cost.
3. Upgraded rotation.
Whether you want to obtain a unique new proxy for each connection request or you prefer fixed IPs, we are able to satisfy your demands. Thanks to premium rotation technology, it is easy to make your web requests human-like. In addition, we also provide lasting sticky sessions, thus you can use the same IP address for up to several hours.

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