Whatsapp Proxy
Whatsapp Proxy

1. Whatsapp - A Giant of Instant Messaging Communication
Nowadays, people’s communication increasingly relies on the instant messaging system. Whatsapp was born to exchange messages through the internet and has surprisingly gained over 2 billion active users spreading the globe since its inception. How can it stand out from the competition and become the giant of instant messaging communication throughout the world?
A. Aside from sending text messages, Whatsapp enables users to make voice calls and video calls with one or multiple users through the internet, in this process, only network traffic is consumed, which is much more inexpensive than traditional phone service providers.
B. What Whatsapp can do more than word exchange and calls online, it allows you to send and receive document files, PDF files, recording files, pictures, videos, music, and location, which is suitable and friendly for business workers as well.
C. To set out using Whatsapp, the only thing you need to do is get your phone number prepared, and then you can get messages exchanged, and make calls with people who have your contact. And this app has both Android and iOS versions.
In summary, the availability and advantages of Whatsapp have strengthened its energy to be in front of the competition and stay one of the leading communication services in the market now.

2. What is A Whatsapp Proxy/VPN? How Can It Benefit You?
The internet or anyone who intends to monitor your online behavior knows where your web requests exactly come from. In this case, you may need a protective shield - a Whatsapp proxy/VPN to ensure your online anonymity. A Whatsapp proxy is used to change or counterfeit your IP address when you use Whatsapp.
When you connect a Whatsapp proxy, it acts as a middleman to receive your web requests and transfer the requests to target websites on your behalf. During this process, your IP address is always masked by the IP of the proxy server so that the Whatsapp website or others won’t get your real IP address.
As long as you need, you can connect a large of number different IPs from the Whatsapp proxy to get out of blocks and restrictions. They also convert your data into a cipher or code to prevent unauthorized access. If you are a user with privacy worries, a marketer requiring a multi-account operation, or a traveler with restriction issues, a Whatsapp proxy will be beneficial for you.

3. What can You Do With A Whatsapp Proxy?
A. Whatsapp Unblocker
When you have violated the platform’s terms and conditions, you will find that you can’t access Whatsapp with your original device any longer. This means you have been blocked by the platform since you have done something wrong, for instance, you are reported several times by other users, or you open and operate too many Whatsapp accounts.
In this case, the Whatsapp proxy serves as an unblocker, which provides you with numerous new IP addresses to prevent detection and blocks. Connect a fresh IP from Yilu proxy to use Whatsapp and exchange messages as usual.

B. No Geo-Restriction Worries
A few countries set a threshold to prevent citizens from accessing Whatsapp for various reasons, ranging from promoting them to use local telecommunication services to regarding it hard to monitor social network usage. People living in these regions will meet challenges in using Whatsapp.
Aside from residents locate in these restricted regions, if you have a regular need to countries where Whatsapp has been blocked, the best way to get around it is to fake your IP address. You can connect a proxy where Whatsapp is accessible to send requests, in this way, your ISP is not conscious of you are accessing Whatsapp.

C. Keep Away From Blocks When Whatsapp Data Collection
Data collection is crucial for business accounts since it will provide you with inspiration about how to boost your account’s popularity and how to reform a marketing strategy that didn’t meet your intended effect. Many marketers employ a scraping robot to automatically scrape and gather the desired data for you at a surprising speed. There is no doubt that no website wishes their data to be scraped without their approval, they detect and stop any suspicious activity that regular humans can’t carry out to block bots.
The Whatsapp proxy with rotation technology enables you to change your IP addresses each time the bot initiate request so as to conceal your online footprints. By doing this, the Whatsapp platform is less likely to detect and block bot usage.

D. Multiple Whatsapp Accounts for More Audience Reach
Although Whatsapp enables you to operate more than one account with a single IP address, they will ban your IP for simultaneously running too many accounts or frequent activities. Usually, marketers manage multiple Whatsapp accounts to broaden their audience reach as much as possible. To stay each of your accounts separate, you need the Whatsapp proxy to get each of your accounts a different IP so that the operating environment is independent. In other words, even if one of your accounts gets a ban, you can still operate others smoothly.

4. Which Type of Proxy is More Suitable for Whatsapp?
When you choose a Whatsapp proxy, you should consider some necessary factors, such as the use, expense, and efficiency. When it comes to data scraping in Whatsapp, you had better make use of dedicated datacenter proxies since speed as well as anonymity is essential. Luckily, this is exactly what YiluProxy dedicated datacenter proxies offer – flying speed coupled with unlimited bandwidth and requests. More importantly, datacenter proxies cost less.
If you want to pretend to be a regular online user on Whatsapp, residential proxies are the best choice since they originate from real devices connected to the internet through authentic internet service providers. But they are often more expensive than datacenter proxies.

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