MoreLogin is an antidetect browser for multi-account management on TikTok, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and other platforms. MoreLogin can generate multiple virtual browsers with unique fingerprints and connect a different proxy IP for each browser profile, so these platforms can’t detect your multi-account behavior and won’t ban your multiple accounts. Next, I will tell you how to integrate YiLuProxy with MoreLogin antidetect browser.
Morelogin Browser with yiluproxy
1. Create a new browser profile.
Click “New profile”.
Morelogin create new profile
2. Fill in the profile information.
Click “Advance setting”
Fill in the browser profile name, and select browser, and operating system.
Then click “Refresh fingerprint”.
Morelogin advanced setting
3. Set up a proxy.
YiLuProxy Settings
a. Port Forward: set the range of forward ports
b. Bind address:
c. Select “other proxy tools”
d. Save.
Morelogin yiluproxy setting
A. Local port forwarding(For all YiLuProxy IPs)
Right-click an IP and select a port.
Morelogin local port forwarding in yiluproxy
a. Select custom proxy
b. Proxy type: Socks5 or HTTP
c. Proxy server IP:
d. Port: such as 5500, a port that forwarded proxy IPs in YiLu Proxy
e. Then click “proxy detection”
If the proxy IP is working, the IP address will appear.
Morelogin proxy setting
B.Server port forwarding/Extract IP information (For dynamic IPs and 4G/5G mobile IPs)
a. Select proxy IP type: rotating residential IP, rotating datacenter IP, mobile IP, or pro residential IP
b. Select the format of extracting IP information - IP:Port:Username: Password
c. Set the number of generating IPs
d. Select a country, state, and city;
e. Refresh
f. Right-click an IP
g. Click “Copy IP and Port”
Morelogin server port ip forwarding
Paste the IP information in the MoreLogin browser profile proxy settings.
Morelogin paste ip port
4. Save the profile.
You can fill in account information, and set browser version, user-agent, timezone, and other browser parameters.
Then click “OK” to save the profile.
Morelogin save profile
5. Run profile.
Click “Start” to run the browser profile.
Morelogin run profile
6. Check the IP address.
The browser will automatically enter a website that shows IP address and some browser fingerprint information.
Then you can enter other websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to create and manage multiple accounts.
Morelogin check ip
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