simple proxy with yilu proxySimple Proxy Switcher is a proxy manager extension that supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols, which can help users quickly switch proxy IPs on the Google Chrome browser. Next, I will tell you how to use Simple Proxy Switcher with YiLuProxy.
1. Download and Install Simple Proxy Switcher extension.
simple proxy add to chrome
2. Enter proxies information.
A. YiLuProxy Settings.
a. Proxy port: random or custom, such as 1080;
b. Port forward: set the range of multi-port, such as 5500-5505;
c. Bind address:;
d. Select “YiLu portable proxy engine”
e. Select the second and fourth proxy rules.
simple proxy yiluproxy setting
B. Simple Proxy Switcher Settings.
Click the extension icon and import proxies using IP: port, IP:port:login: password, or login:password@IP: port format.
simple proxy switch setting
IP: port is suitable for all YiLuProxy IPs' local port forwarding or LAN port forwarding.
Right-click an IP and select a port.
simple proxy local LAN port forwarding
IP: port:login: password and login:password@IP: port formats are suitable for YiLu Proxy dynamic IPs and 4G/5G mobile IPs.
a. Select proxy IP type: rotating residential IP, rotating datacenter IP, mobile IP, or pro residential IP;
b. Select a format for extracting IP information;
c. Set the number of generating IPs;
d. Select a country, state, and city;
e. Refresh;
f. Right-click an IP;
g. Copy IP and port.
Note: After extracting proxy IP information, you can use these proxy IPs without running the YiLuProxy client.
simple proxy copy ip port
3. Select a proxy.
Select a proxy to use, then check the IP address, which is consistent with YiLu Proxy IP.
simple proxy check ip
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