Every Plan Includes

Unlimited Sessions

Unlimited Sessions

You have unlimited concurrent sessions to use our service while scaling up your projects. you can use the service at your own scale.

99.99% Up Time And Success Rates

We have a very high online rate and thus won't affect your success rate. you can periodically change your ip address and session time, in doing so, you can speed up your project

Effective API Interface For Targeting

Effective API Interface For Targeting

You can pick up proxies based on locations, such as city, country and state to target your location. especially rotating residential proxies from 190 plus countries can satisfy your demand for different location.

Very Stable Residential Proxy Network

Very Stable Residential Proxy Network

Residential proxies from Yilu proxy service is really stable and long lasting. With rotating residential proxies in a collection of 90M+ IPs, you can get access to country ips from all over the world without any restrictions, removing any blocks from websites and government censorships.

Easy APIs To Integrate With Different Anti-detect Browsers And Softwares

Yilu proxy client has very simple API to integrate with all the anti-detect browsers on the market, you just have follow the tutorials on our website to start integrating. It is developer friendly and easy to use software user interface.

What Are The Use Cases Of Datacenter Proxies?


Datacenter proxies have high number of use cases in data scraping, protecting user's identity, deploy a VPN or proxy service. identity obfuscating is a great usage of such proxies and when used, users can access to certain web properties without exposing their identity. on the other hand, users in government censored countries and regions, it is really usable to use datacenter proxies to navigate through the sites that have been blocked to restricted.
some websites operate based on certain geographical areas to save const on traffic. in such regard, datacenter proxies are useful to visit such sites.

Why Is Datacenter Proxies Are So Popular?

Datacenter proxies does not belong to any ISP providers. it can entirely be a wall to protect your ip privacy and thus really essential in keeping you anonymously in surfing the internet.
service providers are not able to see your real ip address and identifiable information, they can only look up proxy ip address and its company information. you can use it as a means to protect your real identity.
there are a few advantages in using datacenter proxies, the benefits include:
unlimited cocurrent sessions
zero bandwidth and restrictions
fast response and load time
proprietory server and ip purity
our proxy ip are from our privately owned IDC providers, it is reliable in connection and has an independent environment. it ensures long lasting connection and high visit rate and online success rate. it is expandable, extensible and you can use it in any use cases intend to use and it will not interrupt your connection and work progress.

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