Residential Proxies for SEO Monitoring

YiLu Residential For Web Scraping

  • Easy Operated API Access
  • Always Ethically Sourced
  • Dedicated Online Support
  • $5.2/GB

YiLu Datacenter Proxy

  • Located in popular USA country
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Stable for Scraping
  • Friendly API Access
  • $5/IP/Month

What is SEO monitoring?

SEO, full name is Search engine optimization, is a long term process to optimize your website or webpage for getting good rank in search engine, more pageviews, click by the users from internet.

SEO monitoring is a necessory part of SEO for tracking website's performance in search engines and get a comparison among your competition. Involves in keywords SERP tracking and analysis for improving SEO efficiency.

What can Yilu proxy do for SEO?

Combined with a scraping tool, such as ParseHub, LocoySpider, YiLu Proxy will help you automate your SEO monitoring in different random or fake IP addresses, so that can fasten your speed and save lots of time and energy.
1. Help you change your location that search engine will looks like you in different location.
2. Check your keywords rank or position in batch on search engine in hundreds or thousands of queries.
3. get real-time position or rank of webpage in search engine and check whether your SEO strategy result timely.

How to use Yilu proxy for SEO monitoring?

YiLu proxy offers different IP pool and API that will provide automation operation for customers' SEO monitoring with right IPs to maximize uptime. Just download Yilu proxy and get API code from API address in setting part of Yilu software. for more can view our FAQ page.

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