What are social media proxies

What are social media proxies?

Nowdays nearly everyone like to share their happiness or saddness by photos or short videos with their families or friends in social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others. There are tons of information on social media, not only age, gender, nationality, education, habits, likes, dislikes, behaviors, but also thoughts, idea. so scraping these information are quite valuable and worth after analysis them about your customers that will improve your marketing strategies. However, the third platform will ban the frequently scraping robots, social media proxies with rotating residential IPs will help you change IP address to get out of the trouble and grow our business easily.

How can social media data benefit my business?

Recently years, there are about 4 billion netizens use social media every day to share their points, ideas, happiness or pain with others. It is a data sea if we can gain some of them to establish a business mode that could help your business reach new audiences, expand to new markets and physical locations, build better products, and improve internal and external relationships.

How can social media data benefit my business
YiLu proxy can offer scraping API with the scraping tool

Why Choose Yilu Proxy?

Why Choose Yilu Proxy? YiLu proxy can offer scraping API with the scraping tool, so that can help you get data from social media platforms easily after change different IPs without being banned. YiLu Proxy covers 90M+ rotating residential IPs and static IP from different countries, will smooth your scrapint work when change different IPs. For more can view: Proxy ้กต

Flexible choice for any demand

Best Socks5 Proxy Solution

  • Static Proxies

    Exclusive long-term server static proxies IP that can fully guarantee the online rate and availability (IP availability rate > 98%) , which is suitable for users who have long-term validity for IP and fixed IP address.

  • 24 hours online
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited requests
  • Available in all geographic locations
  • Residential Proxies

    10M+ real residential IP addresses in 200+ locations, safe, high anonymity & non-recurring high quality proxy service. Stay 100% anonymous and use only real IP addresses provided by real Internet service providers from all over the world

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Highly anonymous
  • Rotating proxy network
  • Average ip ping less than 200ms
  • API call frequency: 1s
  • Data Center Proxies

    Elite High-performance private IPs from all around the world. The most reliable and flexible high-speed data center proxies are hosted in data center servers but carry real residential IPs assigned by ISP.

  • Top speed & best performance
  • Unlimited traffic & domains
  • Long sessions & 99.9% uptime
  • Strong anonymity & less blocking
  • Stable network connection

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